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February 13th – Fuel for the Flyer!

Another busy day here with the robotics team! Our recent big project has been putting together a fundraiser at Aldo Leopold School. Kids and parents will be able to relax with pizza, popcorn and a movie in the schools gymnasium. Specifically,today we designed flyers to promote our event. The programming team is designing the layout

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January 23rd – Gearboxes and Micro Switches

Monday night meetings are always slow, but tonight’s was one for accomplishing the small things. Our engineering team is building everything from cardboard boxes (made out of other cardboard boxes) to a full prototype for the low boiler score zone. They’ve also managed to construct the gearboxes for the main motor, work on the geometrics

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Kickoff 2017

Hello robot fans! We’re Team Sensored 5552, and this year we did something a little different for kickoff. Instead of traveling to an official kickoff location site, we stayed inside Proto Green Bay and watched a livestream on a giant projector. Since it was considered “early” for all of us teens, most of us showed

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